Getting Safely Through Retirement

New Book Launch Offers Insight and Solutions to Why Retirees Are Running Out of Money in Their Golden Years

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Getting Safely Through Retirement: A New Paradigm to Retirement Planning by Dave Hall, CPA is now available and offers insight and solutions to America’s retirement risk crisis.

Traditional retirement plans have served Americans simply fine for decades now. However, the retirement landscape is experiencing major shifts, but the retirement planning model has seen little to no changes. This is leaving people’s retirements exposed to financial risks that previous generations never experienced, let alone had to think about.

“One thing is for certain: financial stress is real, and you need to do everything you can to eliminate the worry it can cause in your retirement.”

Dave Hall has divided this retirement planning guide into what is causing the retirement landscape to shift, the why and the financial risks people will face during retirement, and the solution that will amount to getting through retirement safely, securely, and happily. As an invaluable source to a risk-based retirement approach, this book offers a deep dive into how retirement planning should be!

Packed with information and strategies to get to a safer retirement, Dave Hall breaks down each of the top ten financial risks and explains why risks such as longevity, long-term care, and even Social Security may cause people to run out of money in retirement. Backed by math and science, a risk-based approach drawn out by the leading retirement risk expert for the ever-changing retirement landscape is essential as more Americans run out of money in retirement. This book shows exactly what will cause financial loss and maps out how to eliminate the risks, so retirees can have money that outlives them and not the other way around.

Since the start of his career as a CPA, Dave Hall has experienced hard-learned lessons that pathed way to becoming to a retirement risk expert. Having watched the financial hardship of his parents and family, an experience that inspired him to become a CPA, Dave has spent his nearly three decades in the finance field dedicated to helping people gain peace of mind for their retirements.

Dave Hall is a prolific retirement risk expert, presenter, and educator with nearly 30 years as a CPA. Having educated over 200,000 people on the risks facing their retirement, Dave has helped thousands build risk-based retirement plans. Dave lives in Tennessee with his wife and children.

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Getting Safely Through Retirement - A New Paradigm in Retirement Planning

Step outside the box of traditional retirement planning to learn what it takes to get safely through the longest period of self-imposed unemployment most of us will have in our lifetime. It’s what we call retirement.

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