Getting Safely Through Retirement


Dave Hall, CPA


Risk Facing Retirement

As a CPA of 28 years, Dave understands finance and the tools needed to succeed in retirement. Dave shares his knowledge through his book, webinars, live presentations, podcasts, and one on one consulting meetings.

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Dave has been a CPA for 28 years
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What Reader's Say About Dave

“Thought-provoking and filled to the brim with information, this book has given me a new perspective on retirement planning I didn’t know I needed!”

Scott D.

Verified Customer

“As a CPA myself, I am going to be recommending this book as a guide to retirement planning for all of my clients from here on out!”

Braxton Z.

Verified Customer

“It is clear that Dave is quite the expert! With a touch of personal stories, Dave opens your eyes to exactly why a new approach is needed in retirement. Then he presents just how to go about that.”

Elaine G.

Verified Customer

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