Getting Safely Through Retirement

Getting Safely Through Retirement: A New Paradigm in Retirement Planning

is a call to action for change when it comes to retirement planning. More and more retirees are losing money and not having the funds to last throughout retirement. The sad news: Few are talking about it, and ever fewer are doing anything about it!

Cover to cover, this book serves as a guide to planning retirement with a risk-based approach in mind. Inside you will find a breakdown of the financial risks and what can be done about them!

Here’s a peek into what you will learn while reading:

Chapter One:


With retirement not being a new concept to America, you will get a glimpse into the rich history of how traditional retirement came to be. Dave discusses major changes and focuses on why we should learn from history and why the traditional retirement plans fail so many.

Chapter Two:


A major question that is always asked: Haven’t people always faced these risks in retirement? And the answer is no.

Chapter Three:


At the foundation of 96% of Americans’ retirements is Social Security. The impression is you claim at a specific age, and you are good to go. However, there are many factors that go into play when claiming your benefits.

Chapter Four:


Taxes. Everyone’s favorite topic! Preparing for retirement means understanding how taxes will be different in retirement and the best strategies to reducing your taxability.

Chapter Five:


The longer you live the more money you will need in retirement. Average life expectancy is rising daily, and with that so does your need to ensure your assets last.

Chapter Six:


Imagine your retirement is just on the horizon, and you are very happy with your retirement portfolio. Then an unprecedented market downturn hits, taking with it 30% of your investments. Dave talks about how to prevent and prepare for investment risks just like this.

Chapter Seven:


Considering your withdrawal rate is an important step in retirement planning. Taking out too much or even taking your withdrawals in an improper order could detrimentally influence how long your funds last.

Chapter Eight:


Aging brings more wisdom, and unfortunately, it brings more health problems. Having a plan in place for when you need permanent care is very important—and Dave lays out your options.

Chapter Nine:


Inflation happens whether we like it or not, but that doesn’t mean it should drastically decrease your spending power in retirement. Instituting a strategy so your retirement assets are inflation-adjusted is key!

Chapter Ten:


Medicare is more than signing up at 65. Covering the major consequences and diving into the program in detail, Dave explains how you can tailor Medicare to meet your unique needs.

Chapter Eleven:


Aging adults are amongst the most vulnerable to scammers and financial exploitation. Know the signs of elder financial abuse before it is too late and how it can be stopped.

Chapter Twelve:


Retirement is all about the income streams you’ve got coming in. It is important to make sure those streams of income are diverse and can reduce financial risk and loss.

Chapter Thirteen:


Much to everyone’s dismay, insurance companies are great resources when it comes to planning for retirement and mitigating risk. Learn the role insurance companies can play and what retirement strategies Dave recommends you use them for.

Chapter Fourteen:


To overcome obstacles, an important piece is knowing where to start. Dave offers up multiple strategies that will save money for and during your retirement.

Chapter Fifteen:


With the fear of running out of money in retirement ranking higher than the fear of death, taking action now means implementing solutions—risk-based solutions. Dave walks you through what a risk-based approach means for your retirement plan.

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